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Castalia's newest album, In Plain Sight, has now been released! Get a Sneak Peek of lyrics and music samples or purchase now!


Revisiting Sacred Space
A Collection of songs from 1993-2002, remastered and released on one CD. This album reflects both the beginnings of a young pagan's journey, and the twists along the path of experience.
Remastered for Release: 2002
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Writing and performing her own songs for more than twenty seven years, Castalia unveils a new collection.
Released: Samhain 2004
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InPlainSightCover_sm.jpg In Plain Sight
In Plain Sight, possibly her best album yet, features great lyrics, wonderful melodies, in her typical style, sometimes joyful, sometimes haunting. Especially loved is the song "Home Again" known to may of us across the continent as "Eko Eko."
Released: May 2006
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Living Echoes of Ancient Times
At last, a fully instrumental pagan album disguised as a Celtic instrumental! On this unique CD, you will hear the melodies of many of North America's most popular pagan chants, played on harp, mandolin, penny whistle and percussion. The words are not on the album, but here, on the web page. This CD is an excellent opportunity to learn the melodies of chants that you don't know, and it's also a great way to have background instrumental music for home, ritual or office that is non-distracting, and can be disguised as ordinary Celtic music. Inclued in the CD is the names of the original composers of these chants, and how you can track down their original recordings. 69 minutes of music for meditation, yoga, dance, or de-stressing at the office or in the car.
Released: May 2008
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